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The signing ceremony of Guangxi Hualong purchasing Fujian Hualong resin was a co

On January 19, 2020, this day is destined to leave a strong mark in the history of HuLong resin in Guangxi. The signing ceremony of Guangxi Hualong resin's purchase of Fujian Hualong resin was officially held in the headquarters building of Fujian Hualong oil. Under the witness of the senior executives of the two companies, Wu Fangyan, chairman of Fujian Hualong resin, Wu xuliao, general manager of Guangxi Hualong resin, and Li Xiaolin, director of Guangxi Hualong resin, signed the contract with Ye Weiqun, director of Fujian Hualong resin, and the signing was successful!

Wu Xunlei (left), general manager of Hualong in Guangxi, signed a contract with Wu Fangyan (right), chairman of Hualong in Fujian

Group photo of Wu xuliao (left), general manager of Guangxi Hualong, and Wu Fangyan (right), chairman of Fujian Hualong

Photo of Li Xiaolin (left), director of Guangxi Hualong factory, and ye Weiqun (right), director of Fujian Hualong factory

Mr. Wu xuliao, general manager of Hualong resin in Guangxi, said with great emotion: the success of this acquisition is the result of the efforts of all Hualong people, which is a historic moment for Hualong and plays a positive role in accelerating the listing process of Hualong. At the same time, it will better concentrate resources research and development to produce resin in high-tech field, apply resin to more fields, and promote the development of resin field. For the 

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